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A Yawp for Help! Describing Whitman in the World

Meghan Edwards is a student in the Digital Whitman class here at UMW, and she has come up with an extremely interesting idea for a final project that takes advantage of the social networking tools we have been using this … Continue reading […]

Whitman Video Locator

Mara Scanlon recently attended a Google Docs workshop with DTLT’s own Martha Burtis and came away with a pretty impressive idea. One of the projects the Digital Whitman students at UMW (and elsewhere in the Looking for Whitman project) is … Continue reading […]

Finding Whitman

Location : 406 Princess Elizabeth St. Poem: Whoever You Are Now Holding Me in Hand […]

Looking for Whitman, or “Shut the Front Door!”

Well, if I am gonna be honest with myself I have to admit that I have been a total “beauty school dropout” this semester, I have been trying hard to keep up with my various duties, but the tidal wave … Continue reading […]

D.C. Field Trip: My Grumpy Saga

Quick Overview: Yesterday I left my house at 10am and did not return until 9:30pm. Rain. Wind. Lots of walking. Exhaustion. Grumpiness. Nap in Ford’s Theater. Library of Congress was awesome. At 11am we began our walking tour that took us around to the places that Walt Whitman worked at and wrote about, i.e. The […] […]

Eternal Frequencies

Mara Scanlon, who is quickly becoming a blogger extraordinaire, just blogged about a podcast by Nate DiMeo that discusses Guglielmo Marconi vision of sound waves as a crazy idea of eternal recurrence. To quote Mara: According to Nate DiMeo, late … Continue reading […]

Meming Whitman: Naked > Books

Ya never know what you’re gonna get when you do an experiment like Looking for Whitman, but as this thing heats up I have to say I a getting more and more excited. Joe D who is either from Camden … Continue reading […]

Whitman the Barbarian: Poetry on Steroids

Sam Kreig, a student from the Digital Whitman course at UMW, took a Flip cam after class Tuesday evening, and what he did with that little camera is as bava-worthy as a video can be. This is my kind of … Continue reading […]

I’m just a beard

We played with the Flip video cameras we got at UMW for the Digital Whitman class this past Tuesday, and we all had some fun both reading selections from “Song of Myself” and recording one another from all kinds of … Continue reading […]

Looking for Whitman: A Grand, Aggregated Experiment

Last Tuesday marked the kick-off of the Digital Whitman course at UMW. This course is part of a larger NEH grant that is focused on an inter-campus approach to pedagogy that is designed around a rich and distributed infrastructure of … Continue reading […]

Sam (Protich) for Sept. 1

On the weasliness of Whitman’s generosity. […]

Song of the bava, a frontispiece

Walt Whitman Jim Groom, a kosmos, of Manhattan the son, Turbulent, fleshy, sensual, eating, drinking, and breeding, No sentimentalist, no stander above men and women or apart from them, No more modest than immodest. Unscrew the locks from the doors! Unscrew the doors themselves from their … Continue reading […]