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Camden planning notes II

Various course ideas: one blog post per week that will be more structured on focused short writing task/question (post two days before class) + 3 comments by class, at least one on post from another course (self-report in class?) frontispiece as start to blog– of self in clothes and pose that they consider apt intro of self […] […]

Camden planning notes I

General info and planning: International Whitman Symposium in Italy focus on 1860 edition, esp. for graduate students– Karen will post link when website is ready Library of America + WW archive for other editions, facsimiles, etc. Begin with 1855 as shared base text WW archive has summary descriptions of various editions From Jim: Looking for Whitman as immediate, collaborative space. Disorientation […] […]

Whitman’s Beard

Here is a lively discussion of a book in which poets are ranked by their beards. Whitman gets a beard categorization and a ranking, and if you scroll down to comments underneath, you’ll see that he has admirers who feel he was not given full due. Brady and I have a student for next fall […] […]