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Whitman and the Night Sky

My excellent friend Ken just sent me THIS, which is an article from the Huffington Post about Whitman’s poem “Year of Meteors.” Apparently a scientist has used Whitman’s poem, a painting by Church, and some New York newspapers to determine that Whitman actually witnessed a very rare meteroic event. I love this idea of two […] […]

Whitman for the Kemp Symposium

Here’s the space as promised in my email. What format/content should we propose for the Kemp Symposium? My email suggested two possibilities: a more academic panel on Whitman and the literature itself, or a tech-based panel highlighting the more digital projects produced throughout the course. Another idea would be something that focused more specifically on […]

Putting My Whitman Where My Womb Is

In which I pay essentialist homage to the [Womanly?] Whitman. […]

Whitman in Philly (really)

See it with your own eyes, courtesy of Camden. […]

Seance at Scanlon’s?

And guess who followed ME home? […]

A Whitman Sampler in the Age of Modernism

In thinking about Whitman’s legacy, I got curious about how much Modernist writers beyond Pound and Williams were engaging him– that is, how much he’d become a common name or referent in writing of the time. So I went to the awesome and ever-growing Modernist Journals Project to poke around. A search for “Walt Whitman” […] […]

How could I have forgotten? For 11/17

I can’t believe I forgot to scan this, but check it out: “A Pact” by Ezra Pound I make a pact with you, Walt Whitman – I have detested you long enough. I come to you as a grown child Who has had a pig-headed father; I am old enough now to make friends. It […] […]

re: Tues 11/17 and beyond

All poems for Tuesday, Nov. 17 are now loaded at the end of the Readings page.

There are a few questions on the syllabus for next week, and here are a few more you might consider about the poets you read:

How does W’s vision of democracy become reincarnated or altered in these poets? How […]

The Vault is Open

Hey Weepy Whitmaniacs,

The Vault is now open for business with a very thought-provoking prompt about the Levi’s ads (and a shout out to Dr. Earnhart!). Hope you can find time to contribute. (Live link if you click open this post.)

Excellent Anecdote

John Burroughs in a letter about Whitman, 1864: He bathed today while I was there–such a handsome body, and such delicate rosy flesh I never saw before. I told him he looked good enough to eat, which, he said, he should consider a poor recommen… […]

Whitman at Life’s End

My reaction to our reading this week has been so mixed– in some ways, I feel a sense of closure, of finality as we focus on the last edition and the last days. That reflects, I think, the personal, human Whitman we have gotten attached to this semester, since obviously as a literature professor I […] […]

Whitman(i)ac Brilliance: Poems on Fieldtrips

“Get Well Soon ” Once steady hands now faltering from your fall, this hand that penned mountains, sung through ferry waters, hewn rough earth boys, their bodies taken by war as your body has taken you. You, the kosmos, can not be taken by such human failings. Calamus cane in hand, stand erect, your perpetual […] […]

S/T-weet Victory

Cartoon Free Lance Star, 11/3/09 […]

Whitman Across Campuses

The following suggestion for a reflective blog post came from Professor Gold at CUNY:

Write a blog post that makes an explicit connection between our reading for this course and a blog post written by a student in another course in the project from a different location. Compare the the “Whitmans” of the two project […]

Two photos

Another of Whitman and Doyle from 1869 to complement the marriage photo: Whitman in Camden house, 1891 (is he wearing my academic robes?): […]

O Lincoln, My Lincoln

Here is a more focused set of my photos from Digital Whitman’s DC visit, which we made two days before discussing Whitman’s Lincoln writings/lecture in class. When we went into the actual theater (or, in some of my students’ cases, the napping room–shame on you!), I was disappointed at first that the guard ushered me upstairs […] […]

Video Editing Workshop/Redemption Session

Bring TBJG back to the fold at the video editing session: Wednesday, November 4, 4:00 p.m., Combs 349. Bring your video uploads for hands-on help. If you can’t attend, contact TBJG directly to set up another session.

Favorite Manuscript Moment

I am indebted to Other Sam for drawing my attention to this very moving detail. One of the best things I saw at the Library of Congress was Whitman’s letter of December 29, 1862 (that is, exactly 106 years before the day I was born), to his mother about finding George in Fredericksburg. We were […] […]

Free tickets to Ford’s Theater for 19 people through Ticketmaster plus $2.00 access fee? $49.50. Thirteen hours of parking for three vehicles? $30.00. Bodily presence? Priceless.

Immediacy is something the Reverend talks about as a benefit of the blog, social networking technologies, and the great digital experiment that is Looking for Whitman. Presence. Accessibility. These are words we use a lot. So this week a question has been dogging me while I process Digital Whitman’s Saturday field trip to Washington City. […] […]

We’ll Take the Booth in the Corner

I’ve mentioned this podcast from Nate DiMeo at the memory palace before. I find it pretty poignant. It’s about the Booth brothers, especially John Wilkes’ older brother Edwin. Listen for a shout-out to Our Man Whitman [OMW]: Edwin Booth BOOST Here Edwin is looking pensive (or moping about his footwear): And here is a famous photo we saw […] […]

A Message from Beyond

An email I received from a former student. The eyes are everywhere, people: Hey Professor, Long time no talk. I hope all is going well this semester at UMW. I miss the environment there greatly. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following along with the Exploring Whitman blog as much as possible, and […] […]

Saturday, October 24, Washington City: Some Info

Whitmaniacs, A few notes for Saturday (check for updates!): 1. Carpool rendez-vous: Jefferson Circle behind Combs at 9:00 a.m. 2. Parking in DC: 1201 F St. NW, 20005 Take 95 North to 395 North (follow signs from 95 for 395/495/Washington/Tysons) On 395, take 12th Street exit toward L’Enfant Promenade 12th Street (follow slight left at 11th St SW/12th street tunnel) Left onto […] […]

Under My Bootsoles Everywhere

I was reading in yesterday’s Washington Post in a piece called “Beyond ‘Great,’ to Exemplary” that Whitman’s “O Captain!” is one of about five works identified by the National Standards Initiative as it tries to give guidance to high school teachers about what students should know– with Austen, Morrison, and a few others, it was […] […]

Seeing the United States Civil War Style

Here is a clear, color-coded map from wikimedia commons that shows the US as Whitman knew it: seceeding states, Union states with slavery, Union states without slavery, territories. And here is one that shows the same, but in a more traditional cartography: […]

Thursday Poems Planning

Ideas welcome here.