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Where I found Whitman!

I found Whitman in Whitman Park […]

The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel (Locations Project)

Though many people walk along Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, very few know what Walt Whitman knew, that below Atlantic Avenue once ran the world’s oldest subway. The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel was once part of the Long Island Railroad before it was closed and sunk into relative obscurity. Construction began in 1844, and the tunnel was […] […]


          At the beginning, I had concerns that class would be difficult and stressful, however by the time I got used to it. It was difficult to pick some lines of Whitman and write about it and it was difficult to understand the words he used. By the time I started enjoying it and never […] […]


Danique Love               My Experience in the Looking for Whitman class was an especially complicated but beneficial one. I think that Whitman himself was a difficult person to completely understand within a short amount of time.  At the same time, I learned to keep trying at the things I want to achieve, and to […] […]

Where Danique found Whitman Part II

This blog is the “Where Danique found Whitman” segment of the project, but this another video of me reading Walt Whitman’s poem. I really liked this poem. It was interesting because it was one of the things I often wonder about often. The poem was called “To think of Time.” […]

Where Danique found Whitman

  I think that because I have taken the long journey to find Whitman. I figured why not find him in my house. So I did. I found Whitman in my home. This I feel was a relevant place because it was there that I did most of my work, projects, and blogs in response […] […]

Where Nicole Found Whitman.

After reading Franklin Evans I was shocked and in some ways proud of this book. I enjoyed it! It was interesting and it made me think a lot about how we as New Yorkers drink sociably and enjoy life. Some of us drink more wisely than others, but alcohol is a big part of our […] […]

A Day At Fort Greene Park

A reading of Whitman’s work. nicole | MySpace Video This tour of the park and of Brooklyn was such an inspirational day. Living in NYC I never knew  Brooklyn was filled with such rich history. This was such a great day for learning being inspired. The music and the lyrics added more adventure to my […] […]

Fort Greene, for Dec 01, oatakan

We had our second Whitman tour last week and I really enjoyed it. As a class we met at the Fort Greene Park which had monument dedicated for British Prison ship prisoners. A professional team greeted us. Leader of the team Greg Trupiano was passionate person about Whitman’s work.  It was obvious he knew very […] […]

Franklin Evans

                Walt Whitman’s novel, Franklin Evans, or The Inebriate: A Tale of the Times, Walt Whitman explains the dangers of addictions such as alcohol. This temperance novel which Walt Whitman openly denies as his own, I believe is a way of including the effects that alcohol had on his own life. Walt Whitman, I believe, […] […]