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Where I found Whitman

I posted my Whitman reading a few days ago to the map portion but didn’t include it on my blog. This reading was done in Whitman park in Brooklyn. […]

ermir found whitman in times square

When I read the passages from the Leaves of Grass, I felt that the surroundings blended with the lines of the poem. […]

The Last Meeting of the whitman seekers

For our last lecture it was only fit to finish with a group reading of whitman. […]

fabfab found whitman on the subway

I found whitman in times square, down in the subway system, the arteries of new york. For sure Whitman would have found much to write about in the underground city we call the subway system. […]

Where I found Whitman!

I found Whitman in Whitman Park […]


The semester is coming to a close and what’s so funny is that I saw myself doing exactly what I’m doing right now; trying to tie up all my lose ends with perfect knots. It’s been great taking a good look at Walt Whitmans’ life, accomplishments, dwellings and businesses. I never thought that I would […] […]

Where Danique found Whitman

Click here to view the embedded video. […]

nicole 2009-12-15 10:12:50


Reflective Thinking

I cannot believe this class is over already, the fifteen weeks we had flew in like a breeze. Looking back from when I first stared this class I was unclear what exactly it was going to be about and how it would be approached. I vaguely knew any thing about Whitman, but now I am […] […]

The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel (Locations Project)

Though many people walk along Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, very few know what Walt Whitman knew, that below Atlantic Avenue once ran the world’s oldest subway. The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel was once part of the Long Island Railroad before it was closed and sunk into relative obscurity. Construction began in 1844, and the tunnel was […] […]