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Camden Trip

Despite having taken at least 200 photo’s, filmed at least 30 minutes worth of video  and helping to contribute to a semesters worth of well researched, creative Whitman related projects, I’ve actually had quite a bit of trouble writing this post. Although I was the only Tech student able to attend the Whitman Conference, there […] […]

Onward and Outward . . . .

“All goes onward and outward . . . . and nothing collapses” – Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass (1855) Last week’s student conference in Camden brought “Looking for Whitman” to a rousing, poignant close. Four months after the classes involved in the project had ended, students from the University of Mary Washington, Rutgers-Camden, and City […] […]

Another Look at Fort Greene

Fort Greene History is all around us, especially in Whitman’s Brooklyn. I am aware that New York City has many historical landmarks but I didn’t realize the significance of Fort Greene and how Whitman helped create it. The class met at the park, along the way I saw Walt Whitman projects across the street. We […] […]

A Day At Fort Greene Park

A reading of Whitman’s work. nicole | MySpace Video This tour of the park and of Brooklyn was such an inspirational day. Living in NYC I never knew  Brooklyn was filled with such rich history. This was such a great day for learning being inspired. The music and the lyrics added more adventure to my […] […]

fabfab for dec 1

We took a Whitman tour, guided by a Whitman specialist; we walked from Fort Greene Park to 99 Ryerson Street. 99 Ryerson Street was one of many addresses in Brooklyn which Whitman called home; he lived at this location in 1855. We walked down Myrtle Ave which was the route Whitman would have taken on […] […]

Fort Greene, for Dec 01, oatakan

We had our second Whitman tour last week and I really enjoyed it. As a class we met at the Fort Greene Park which had monument dedicated for British Prison ship prisoners. A professional team greeted us. Leader of the team Greg Trupiano was passionate person about Whitman’s work.  It was obvious he knew very […] […]

ermir for dec. 1st

Last week the class met at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn. A park with a significant history. A site of the Revolutionary War fort, and monument dedicated to the prison ship martyrs, who where held by the British. As I walked up the grand stairs looking at the monument, it felt like the monument was a “light […] […]

Chuck For Dec. 2nd

The tour of Ft. Greene Park led by Greg Trupiano was not only informative but inspirational. I left the tour with a much greater understanding of Ft. Greene because of the information presented. The tour began at the visitor’s center in Ft. Greene Park and Greg began to present the history and relevance of Whitman […] […]

Photos from the Brooklyn Historical Society Visit

Here are some photos taken during the visit that the City Tech class made to the Brooklyn Historical Society on November 3rd.  The trip was part of a new research project in which each student in the course chose an address in which Whitman lived briefly during his time in Brooklyn.  Students will perform historical […] […]

Brooklyn Historical Museum Visit

New York City College of Technology Whitman class made a field trip to the Brooklyn Historical Society on November 3, 2009. We met in front of the Brooklyn Historical Society with Professor Gold where we greeted by Elizabeth Call. She is the Special Collections Librarian and has immense knowledge of resources available at the Museum. […] […]