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class notes for Oct 27

Material culture exhibits are due next week!!!

One of the themes raised during our walking tour was the layering of the present upon the past. This raises the question of what exactly is the purpose of what we are doing in this class, what, if anything, is to be learned by looking back at the […]

Oct. 13

Last week, in class we talked about how many people such as Charles Dickens and Philip Hone critically analyzed New York City during the 19th century. Many people that analyzed New York were people who haven’t spent much of their time here to fully understand New York and all its conditions. There were many interesting ideas […] […]

Chuck for Sept.22

The passage from Leaves of Grass of the “29th Bather” speaks of 28 young men bathing by the shore with a voyeur amongst them. When I first read the passage, I felt that Walt Whitman was the actual voyeur by the way that he described the entire scene, as if he were looking through the […] […]

Hello Everyone

hope everyone’s okay. i was just checking because i haven’t been on here in a minute. What’s new?? How are the searches for Whitman coming along? […]


it feels like i haven’t been on here in forever…. […]

Class Notes – September 22

Close Reading – focus closely on the language of the text – typical question: how would this text change if a different word were used in a particular place? how does the particular meaning of the text depend upon the exact language used here? ex. runaway slave passage — how would it be different if WW used “fugitive” […] […]

Eunice for September 22

Walt Whitman’s works made me confused. It does not mean I do not like his writing, but I’m frustrated and tired with all the reading. Everytime when I read passages, books or especially poems, I CANNOT read those without using the dictionary. I love reading, only in my native lanugage. Because English is not my first language, those vocabulary […] […]

Pedro for September 22:Blogging in the classroom

Blogging is more revolutionary then people think. It’s one of the more popular activities on the web and if you’re not writing one, then you are certainly reading them. Blogging is a new platform for self-expression on the web. Websites such as Blogger and Wordpress take all the technical difficulties out of the equation allowing […] […]

oatakan / sep 22nd

My recent posts and comments, I was wondering about Whitman’s education. I even had questions on my comments to other fellow students about his education, like what a talent of a person on using words in an enchanting way to express feelings and thoughts. By the time of reading leaves of grass, I started to get more curious about Whitman’s life, […] […]

danique for 9/22

In the last lecture, we had some great ideas on how to tackle understanding literary texts. After that class I began to think about some of the questions we asked and wondered what their answers would entail. The questions we thought of during our class discussion helped us to further analyze Walt Whitman’s character and […] […]