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Photos from the Brooklyn Historical Society Visit

Here are some photos taken during the visit that the City Tech class made to the Brooklyn Historical Society on November 3rd.  The trip was part of a new research project in which each student in the course chose an address in which Whitman lived briefly during his time in Brooklyn.  Students will perform historical […] […]

Class Notes – October 13, 2009

(thanks to Claire for taking these notes) Posts this week were exemplary, in terms of interpretation, contextualization, conversation. Another thing people did well with this week was incorporating multimedia material, for example, photos, and citing them by linking back to the source. In the future, remember to cite your sources. Use MLA format. The theme […] […]

Mapping Whitman’s New York

Mapping has been something of an undercurrent in our class so far: When Claire Fontaine visited our class a few weeks ago, she spoke about the process of connecting flickr photographs to google maps (see her posts here and here for more info). I’ve assigned you a “then and now” photography assignment in which you […] […]

Video Tutorial: Google My Maps

This is a great resource for anyone looking for a quick introduction to the My Maps feature of Google. […]

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