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Lecture on the Irish and Tammany Hall

Those of you who have worked a bit on the Five Points neighborhood in New York might be interested in the following lecture at the CUNY Graduate Center by some well-known journalists and historians:

Irish New York: A New Look at Tammany Hall and Its Legacy

Tammany Hall has long been a synonym for corruption. But was there more than mere venality to one of the most long-running and successful urban political organizations in the history of the United States? Did it also play a formative role in educating the masses in the constructive uses of politics and help turn the agenda of economic and social reform from wish list into law? A panel made up of Pete Hamill, Terry Golway and Peter Quinn will discuss this and other aspects of Tammany-style politics with Richard Welch, author of King of the Bowery: big Tim Sullivan, Tammany Hall, and New York City from the Gilded Age to the Progressive Era.

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