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Chuck For Dec. 2nd

The tour of Ft. Greene Park led by Greg Trupiano was not only informative but inspirational. I left the tour with a much greater understanding of Ft. Greene because of the information presented. The tour began at the visitor’s center in Ft. Greene Park and Greg began to present the history and relevance of Whitman […] […]

Where Chuck Found Whitman

Click here to view the embedded video. […]

Franklin Evans

                Walt Whitman’s novel, Franklin Evans, or The Inebriate: A Tale of the Times, Walt Whitman explains the dangers of addictions such as alcohol. This temperance novel which Walt Whitman openly denies as his own, I believe is a way of including the effects that alcohol had on his own life. Walt Whitman, I believe, […] […]

Chuck for Nov. 17th

Franklin Evans of The Inebriate: A Tale of the Times. I found the story to be quite dark as has been very often my feelings throughout this course. It is a tale or warning against the use and abuse of alcohol. What I found missing was the lack of mention of other vices in a […] […]

Chuck for Nov. 10th

The trip to the Brooklyn Historic Society was of great interest to me as I am an avid fan of all things Brooklyn. It came as a surprise to me of its location at the corner of Clinton and Pierpont as I am down in that area quite often and had not realized that such […] […]

Some tips on working with your location

The following quick blogpost is to provide some tips on our location projects. I decided to go to the Brooklyn Historical Society today and start my search on my location (120 Prince Street). The first step I recommend is by starting with your designated year of your location and find it in Atlas Map. It will […] […]

The Vault at Pfaff’s

The history of the Vault at Pfaff’s is the history of not only a place, but of the people who frequented its tables. The Vault was opened in 1855 by Charles Ignatious Pfaff, a foreigner with ascetic tastes, on Broadway near the corner of Bleeker Street. Sources disagree as to the exact address of the […] […]

Class Notes – 11/17/09

Themes in Franklin Evans; how do they show up in Whitman’s other work? – destruction – death – liquor – going astray – being lost – optimism –> despair – city as dangerous – tempation – concern for health, the body Issues of Genre – temperance novels – literature of moral reform – episodic nature […] […]

A look Franklin Evans Part 1

The following post is some reflection regarding the novel Franklin Evans written by Walt Whitman. Many people till this day don’t even know that he wrote this novel. I quizzed some people in the Apple store and to no one knew… Franklin Evans is Franklin Evans is certainly a different novel It has an underlying […] […]

America by Whitman and Jeans by Levi Strauss, oatakan for Nov 17th

image source:        Few minutes ago, I was commenting on Levi’s commercial and now I think it will better if write about little more. First of all, it is astonishing work done by Levi’s and made me think about the concept. I searched through the Leaves of Grass and found the poem. “Centre of […] […]