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Visitor Center Script: Whitman’s Lincoln Lectures

presentation Arguably, Whitman loved his country more than almost anything else in his life. When Lincoln, who to Whitman “saved” the nation during the Civil War, was assassinated on April 14, 1865, Whitman was quick to respond. On April 16, 1865, he wrote, “…if one name, one man, must be picked out, he [Lincoln], most […]

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T.Wood’s Final Project – Cinepoem – “City of Ships”

I couldn’t find a way to upload this file to the website, so I uploaded it to youtube! direct youtube link (if you want to watch it “fullscreen”) Final note: All music chosen for this cinepoem was either of the time that “City of Ships” was written (1865) or by local musicians in either Philadelphia […]

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Singley – Final Project Prezi

follow the link to my prezi for my final project: “The drum-corps’ rattle is ever to me sweet music” Whitman’s Drum Taps & Civil War Music final presentation notes

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Whitman Found

This picture was taken on Saturday, November 21 at approximately 3 pm. Where was I? at Starbucks, in Macy’s in Center City, Philadelphia

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The United States to Old World Critics – Annotation

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True Conquerors – Annotation

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Life- Annotation

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Whitman’s “Song of Myself” Playlist

The next track: Pat Benatar’s “Love is a battlefield” – or at least life is in Whitman’s poem “Life.” EVER the undiscouraged, resolute, struggling soul of man; (Have former armies fail’d then we send fresh armies—and fresh again;) Ever the grappled mystery of all earth’s ages old or new; Ever the eager eyes, hurrahs, the […]

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Cultural Museum: Timber Creek & Laurel Springs, NJ

“…commenc’d going for weeks at a time, even for months, down in the country, to a charmingly recluse and rural spot along Timber creek, twelve or thirteen miles from where it enters the Delaware river. Domicil’d at the farm house of my friends, the Staffords, near by, I lived half the time along this creek […]

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Image Gloss: Prospecting for “Gold”

My ties and ballasts leave me . . . . I travel . . . . I sail . . . . my elbows rest in the sea-gaps, I skirt the sierras . . . . my palms cover continents, I am afoot with my vision. By the city’s quadrangular houses . . . . […]

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