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Tara for Sept 17

Studying Whitman in the 21st century has made me hyper-aware of just how much Whitman represented the enduring image and values of America. It is evident that the things that Whitman extolled in “Song of Myself,” are the same things we value as Americans today. Granted, Whitman wrote during the American Renaissance, which is considered […]

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Image Gloss: Prospecting for “Gold”

My ties and ballasts leave me . . . . I travel . . . . I sail . . . . my elbows rest in the sea-gaps, I skirt the sierras . . . . my palms cover continents, I am afoot with my vision. By the city’s quadrangular houses . . . . […]

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Tara for Sept 10

“Song of Myself” – Constructed or Recorded-as-discovered? I began this blog thinking about how the text is constructed in a way that suits Whitman, his beliefs, and his focus.  It seems, after all, that Whitman constructs his text around the same philosophy around which he constructed his life (or the life he wished to live).   Self  […]

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