Plymouth Church- Underground Railroad

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Plymouth Church- Underground Railroad

From the beginning of slavery In America, slaves in many different ways had escaped to freedom.  Some ran to the wilderness, some went to live with the friendly Indians. During the Revolutionary era, Puritan New England and Quaker Pennsylvania passed legislation abolishing slavery. The North was then come to known as the “Underground Railroad.”

By 1831, the “Underground Railroad” has been invented to describe the informal, secretive network of ordinary citizens, Black and White, whoever’s safe house offered shelter.

Plymouth Church later became known as “the Grand Central Depot” of the Underground Railroad. Through oral belief and many published memories, we can conclude that slaves seeking passage to Canada may have concealed in the tunnel like basement beneath the church sanctuary.  Plymouth Church is one of the few active Underground Railroad congregations in New York still housed in its original location.

It is to be believed that many members of the Plymouth congregation were active in the Underground Railroad. Substantiation implies that escaped slaves were hidden in the homes of several Plymouth members. S.V. White, the Church treasurer had a small chamber in his house said to have been used to hide runaways.

By 1860, Plymouth Church was definitely one of the most famous churches in America. When the Civil War began a year later, Plymouth Church continued to supply material and spiritual support to the overwhelmed country. Slavery was finally outlawed five years later and Plymouth Church role in the Underground Railroad was lastly to come to an end.

We will never known how many slaves escaped through the Underground Railroad or how many citizens had helped, but we do know that it was period of time in which Black and Whites came together to right a dreadful mistake. Plymouth Church had played a great role of support during this time and in that, we can say Plymouth Church is an honorary affiliate who has righted the mistake.

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