Plymouth Church November 18, 2009


Plymouth Church

Plymouth Church was founded in 1847 and is located at 75 Hicks Street at the corner of Orange Street in Brooklyn Heights. The first pastor of Plymouth Church was Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. He is one of the most influential preachers of 19th century America. Many famous people came from all over to attend Plymouth Church and among them were Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. Plymouth Church was the only church Lincoln has ever attended in Brooklyn.  This Church indeed was also a big impact during the Civil War. When the “Underground Railroad” was an ongoing secretive system to free slaves, Plymouth Church was a stop along the Underground Railroad. According to plymouth, it was known was the “Grand Central Depot”  and they kept the refuges safe in the basement. In 1961, Plymouth Church was named a National Historic Landmark because of its significance and unique place in American history.