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Poetry: Complete and searchable texts of all editions of the Leaves, with page images can be found at the Whitman Archive:

Complete prose works (including Specimen Days, Democratic Vistas (in Collect), Memoranda During the War, and “The Eighteenth Presidency!”) can be found at the University of Virginia’s Electronic Texts Center:

Specimen Days (recording) at

Uncollected Poetry and Prose (Volume 1 of Emory Holloway’s two-volume collection, containing Whitman’s pre-1855 poetry, short stories, journalism– an incomplete collection, but still useful) is available at

Uncollected Poetry and Prose (Volume 2 of Holloway’s collection, which includes a selection of journalism from the 1850s and ’60s, the text of nine of Whitman’s notebooks, Whitman’s temperance novel Franklin Evans; or, the Inebriate, and “Brooklyniana,” a series of articles Whitman published in the Brooklyn Daily Standard in 1861-62) is available at

Notebooks (four of Whitman’s personal notebooks from the 1850s-1860s) are available as part of the Library of Congress American Memory Project:

Letters (a collection of letters sent to the family of Civil War soldier Erastus Haskell) are available at the website “Civil War Treasures of the New-York Historical Society”:

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