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Annike Karbiener Pfeiffer

Born on Thanksgiving Day (November 25, 2010)

our little butterball weighed in at seven lbs. five oz.

and she’s simply delicious.

We’re in a state of bliss—

please spread the love!

With warmest thanks for friends and loved ones old and new,

Karen and Douglas

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12 2010

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  1. Avatar of Matthew Gold

    Oh, Karen!!! Congratulations to you and Douglas! What a beautiful baby and a beautiful name — I can’t wait to meet her!!

    Onward and outward!!

  2. Avatar of Karen Karbiener

    …thanks so much, Matt! I’m already counting on Felix and Annike brainstorming on some sort of whitmanic project. To the future! All yours, Karen

  3. Tatiana Seijas #

    Dear Karen, I am packing up my NYC apartment and just came across your syllabus from 2001! You were my professor at Columbia almost ten years ago and I still remember you fondly. You were so supportive and kind. Thank you for encouraging me to get the PhD. I did, and now I’m teaching too. Your baby is beautiful.
    Tatiana Seijas

  4. Avatar of Karen Karbiener

    Congratulations, Dr. Seijas! :) I’m so happy to hear such good news from you… remembering your energy and intelligence, I know how you’ll excel on the other side of the big desk. Thank you so much for the kind words, too! Warm wishes always, Karen.

  5. The cousin-german Ramón #

    It´s a girl!!!! It´s a girl!!!! Finally she is here! Congratulations from Spain to the parents. Guess this will be a very special christmas for you two having that little “Christkindl” now. A big big big hug for both-but wow, I forgot, you are three now, so a big big big hug for all of you! Ramón

    PS: What a funny coincidence that “cousin-german”, don´t you think so, I looked-up in my on-line dictionary the word cousin because I thought as it´s a french word there is an american way of writing and so I stumbled across this expression for first cousin and in my case first “german” cousin. You got it?

  6. Nicole Brancheau #

    How beautiful! You have to love that little face there! Congratulations to the two of you, and welcome to the world little girl!! I’ve had such great experiences with you as my professor, I can only imagine the doors and opportunities you’ll create for your daughter. I imagine she’ll be an avid world traveler with a loving family like yours. Congratulations again! Best, Nicole

  7. Avatar of Mara Scanlon

    Karen! I have been remiss in checking the site and so am just now seeing this amazing news and absolutely lovely photo. Many congratulations to you, and I hope the new year is healthy and peaceful for your family.

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