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Small the theme of my Chant, yet the greatest namely, Ones-
Self a simple, separate person. That, for the use of the
New World, I sing.
Mans physiology complete, from top to toe, I sing. Not physi-
ognomy alone, nor brain alone, is worthy for the Muse ; I
say the Form complete is worthier far. The Female equally
with the Male, I sing.
Nor cease at the theme of Ones-Self. I speak the word of the
modern, the word En-Masse.
My Days I sing, and the Lands with interstice I knew of hap-
less War.
(O friend, whoeer you are, at last arriving hither to commence,
I feel through every leaf the pressure of your hand, which I
And thus upon our journey, footing the road, and more than
once, and linkd together let us go.)