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Now precedent songs, farewell by every name farewell,
(Trains of a staggering line in many a strange procession,
From ups and downs with intervals from elder years, mid-age,
or youth,)
In Cabind Ships, or Thee Old Cause or Poets to Come
Or Paumanok, Song of Myself, Calamus, or Adam,
Or Beat! Beat! Drums! or To the Leavend Soil they
Or Captain! My Captain! Kosmos, Quicksand Years,
or Thoughts,
Thou Mother with thy Equal Brood, and many, many more
From fibre heart of mine from throat and tongue (My lifes
hot pulsing blood,
The personal urge and form for me not merely paper, automatic
type and ink,)
Each song of mine each utterance in the past having its long,
long history,
Of life or death, or soldiers wound, of countrys loss or safety,
(O heaven! what flash and started endless train of all! com-
pared indeed to that!
What wretched shred een at the best of all!)