Brooklyn Daily Eagle

        As I mentioned before, 1890’s the location becomes the Brooklyn Daily Eagle building.(on maps link) Also it is stated by sources that Walt Whitman was editor in Brooklyn Daily Eagle for two years.  On the maps, 1860’s map didn’t really showed that Brooklyn Daily Eagle, so it is obvious that the St John’s church followed by Bowery and Brooklyn Savings banks, also Edgar M. Cullen ownership and then the location becomes the Brooklyn Daily Eagle some time between 1860’s and 1890’s.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle From March 1846 until January 1848, Whitman served as the editor of the widely read Brooklyn Daily Eagle, a newspaper in Kings County, New York. Founded in 1841 by Isaac Van Anden and Henry Cruse Murphy, the Eagle was a political forum for the Democratic Party. During the two years Whitman served as editor of this influential newspaper which covered both national and international news, he wrote over 800 items for the newspaper, including editorials, political commentary, news stories, short reviews about literature, and two very early poems. As several scholars have observed, Whitman was beginning to experiment with lines of free verse during these years and his close scrutiny of American life and politics provided him with a variety of details that would later emerge in the poems of Leaves of Grass.” (
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