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December 10th, 2009 by oatakan


   At first, at the location on 1824, there are houses next to each other on land conveyances, however on maps it appears to be episcopal church on 1860 and Brooklyn Daily Eagle building on 1890’s.MY MAP

my drawing

Today, the washington street dont exist, ringht on the spot there cadman plaza locates. Floods alley looks like a very narrow street on maps. I guess the reason that street called flood alley was floods during raining, even today that area looks like a ramp.pics iphone 001

Above map is dated 1860. As we see right next to Whitman’s house there is Episcopal Church. Below map is belong to 1890’s which the church location becomes Brooklyn Daily  Eagle newspaper building.



In today’s map and satellite view

map view today

satellite viewAs it seen, today, the location consist of Columbus Park and Court Building.

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