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    “What don’t you know about Whitman yet?”

    In his introduction to my copy of LoG’s “Deathbed Edition,” William Carlos Williams to ¬†alludes some kind of consensus among poetry scholars (I guess) that Whitman’s writing eventually runs out of steam, that his poetic sensibilities lose the vigor of some of his earlier poems and end up being dry and even self-mimicking.¬† I’d like to know how many Whitman readers still believe that, and if we’ll ever get to the point at which we say he’s “going soft.”

    4 Responses to “To Whit”

    1. jenny and walt says:

      I think your posts always have a really special way of thinking! Also the thought you left for my Whitman and Eggs post definitely left me with a laugh :)
      I hope Whitman doesn’t get “soft” on us by the end of his days~

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