Website Redesign Coming Soon!

cellatreis on Aug 16th 2009

Please stay tuned for an overhaul of this website, which we will unveil before the start of the Fall 2009 semester.  The new design will bring a new look to the site and will tie together many different aspects of its navigation.

The development team behind the project has already finished the heavy coding work required to create the sitewide gray navigation bar at the top of this page.  Wherever you are on the site, you should be able to see this bar.  Using it will allow you to travel to most other sections of the site.

I’m very pleased to welcome Claire Fontaine to the project, as well.  Claire will be acting as the Director of Project Support; she will be coordinating the technical support team at every campus and will be working to ensure that we provide helpful and timely assistance to students just getting started on WordPress, our site platform.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for the redesign!

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