Matthew Gold on Mar 8th 2009

By end of the second week: personal intro
First Assignment — Introduction of self through sections of Leaves of Grass/”Song of Myself” — find six
— find an image or video that illustrates that passage — flickr, YouTube
goals — practice technology — get to know other o
— grab six lines — comment on why that passage is meaningful to you
— why does that resonate with you
— comment on at least one blog from each class

Second Assignment: Cultural Contexts/Cultural Artifacts
scalpel, surgical instruments, train, ferries, bucket full of feet, slippers, hospitals, hats, plumbing, lincoln lecture, laurel creek, shoemaking, printing press, penny paper/newspaper, Horace Traubel, Ford’s theater, slouch hat, opera, art/realism, Eakins, daguerreotypes, Fred Gray society, phrenology, painting (someone’s NY), Pfaff’s beerhall, omnibus, diet food, lincoln’s funeral, cemeteries, rural park/cemetery unit, carpentry tools,
Each student responsible for providing cultural context
possibilities — everything from material object (ex. slouch hat. ex. Camden — annual lincoln lecture ww gave — find invitation to that lecture — that could be starting point for finding out ww’s role — late in life — why giving lecture
— ex. surgical instruments — find

find artifact — find Whitman’s writings

Third Assignment
Different Editions of Leaves of Grass as structuring assignment — CommentPress
–students limited to doing a hypertext of a poem that was new to that edition
— so that they begin to understand what is new to that edition
— NYC – 1855/1856/1860 // Journalism/ Franklin Evans //
— UMW/Fredericksburg – 1865 (Drum Taps)/1867/1871-2 // Memoranda During the War
— Camden – 1876/1881-2/1892 Deathbed // Two Rivulets
— Using the WW Archive

Field Trips
— documenting experience
— take photos — upload content
— see other students
What do we do with field trips

final project that shows immersion

cinepoem / video / online museum / research essay
annotated map / mp3 – rap / google maps (MyMaps)

Final project — video project — every student in every class reads a WW text/poem in a specific place
— locate videos on the map

each used a map of town as home page for site
— ex. use a civil war era map of f-burg — links on it that would correspond to

bibliographic essay —

choose one sound

Biography — int

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