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AH, whispering, something again, unseen,

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Where late this heated day thou enterest at my window, door,

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Thou, laving, tempering all, cool-freshing, gently vitalizing

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Me, old, alone, sick, weak-down, melted-worn with sweat;

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Thou, nestling, folding close and firm yet soft, companion better than talk, book, art,

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(Thou hast, O Nature! elements! utterance to my heart beyond the rest—and this is of them,)

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So sweet thy primitive taste to breathe within—thy soothing fingers on my face and hands,

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Thou, messenger-magical strange bringer to body and spirit of me,

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(Distances balkd—occult medicines penetrating me from head to foot,)

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I feel the sky, the prairies vast—I feel the mighty northern lakes,

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I feel the ocean and the forest—somehow I feel the globe itself swift-swimming in space;

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Thou blown from lips so loved, now gone—haply from endless store, God-sent,

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(For thou art spiritual, Godly, most of all known to my sense,)

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Minister to speak to me, here and now, what word has never told, and cannot tell,

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Art thou not universal concretes distillation? Laws, all Astronomys last refinement?

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Hast thou no soul? Can I not know, identify thee?