December 15, 2009

Reflective Thinking

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I cannot believe this class is over already, the fifteen weeks we had flew in like a breeze. Looking back from when I first stared this class I was unclear what exactly it was going to be about and how it would be approached. I vaguely knew any thing about Whitman, but now I am saturated by him where ever I go. I see him in every street, every bar and every part of the city I am in. Whitman influenced so many things around us that no one even knows, hence I am happy I have taken this class because now I know what some do not know.
Professor Gold is the teacher I wish I had in other schools, I have never seen some one as passionate in something. He helped and shared his knowledge; he made this class much more interesting than it could of been. The only problem is, I wish the class was longer so that I could have explored more with him and the class about Whitman.
I think never mind the class has ended, I will still be looking for Whitman, I have the blog and in a way the class it self has not ended, but has it’s own continuation. I came as an empty glass and now I am half way filled. I am truly happy I took this class, it surpassed the other 6 classes I am taking. The uniqueness and the passion about Whitman made this class a pleasure to be in.

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