…”I depart as Air”…”You will hardly know who I am”…

missvirginia on Oct 28th 2009

This is wonderfully done! I think this creates a link, a bridge between Whitman and today in such a visual, and musical way. The music, the videography. I’m in love. This is probably what I’ll use as a model for my project.

wonderful Video with a reading of Walt Whitman

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  1. Mara says:

    Great video– one of my favorite sections of Song, and a marvelous NYC montage! Virginia, don’t forget that you can use the yellow anarchy button when you write a post to actually put the video right into your post if you want to edit it.

  2. […] Scott, at UMW, recently blogged about an impressive video poem produced for the American Experience series on PBS about Walt Whitman. […]

  3. This is indeed wonderful. You deserve to see the context: the PBS special on Whitman available at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/whitman/program/ . Incredibly well put together, and featuring our own Karen Karbiener (Looking for Whitman, Novi Sad) among the talking heads. A very cool model, incidentally, for anybody thinking of doing a non-traditional final project. Check it out!

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