Whitman goes corporate

So, as I vegged out in between reading assignments today by watching football, I saw something very interesting: a Levi’s jeans commercial. This wasn’t just any jeans commercial though: it had what I thought sounded like a Whitman poem being recited. Upon further investigation, turns out I was right. Here is one version of the commercial, which features a recording of Whitman reciting part of his poem “O’Pioneers!”:

Here is another version, with another narrator:

Perhaps Dr. Scanlon should offer more video close analysis? :-)

September 27 2009 08:05 pm | Uncategorized

2 Responses to “Whitman goes corporate”

  1. Mara Scanlon Says:

    Gosh, Sam, I hadn’t seen this post and just put both of these up myself with jaw agape. Go ahead– analysis all yours this time.

  2. tallersam Says:

    Haha, no big deal. I’ll give them some thought and post on yours!

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