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Whitman and his Multitudes

So, in class tonight I was thinking about how many ways we’ve described Whitman. I thought it would be kind of cool to have a running list of the different names/personas we give to Whitman. I’m jotting down a few here, but since I don’t really have time to go back through all the blogs to catalog what we’ve called him I thought everyone could just comment as they came up with or remembered names they’d given him. Let me know if you guys think this would be worthwhile or not.

Some of the names I could remember:

Whitman-as-poet, Whitman-as-man, Whitman-as-prophet, Whitman-as-creeper, Whitman-as-lover, womanly Whitman, gay Whitman

~ by bcbottle on September 29, 2009.


8 Responses to “Whitman and his Multitudes”

  1. Good idea, Brendon!
    A few that I recall are:

    Whitman-as-Christ / savior, earthy Whitman, Nurse Whitman, worldly Whitman

    These are just off the top of my head…if I think of more I’ll come back to this post.

  2. Whitman as journalist, editor, printer, & book-maker also come to mind.

  3. Civil-war Whitman.

  4. Whitman as Santa Claus and Whitman the optimist (thanks to Calder) & Whitman as father

  5. Whitman-as-disciple, tender Whitman

  6. Whitman the mourner

  7. From Ben’s 11/3 post:

    soldier-eyed Walt, ‘we swear that he is homosocial’ Walt,
    Uncle Walt, Whitman the storyteller

  8. Papa Walt.

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