Whitman Beard Status Update (Photo!)

So for those who aren’t familiar with No Shave November, it is the celebration of Awesomeness that is Gentleman Beardery. All who can grow beards are invited to celebrate, be they grizzly or grizzle-impaired. And while celebrating for leisure is fully acceptable, members are encouraged to make the most out of No Shave November by dedicating their beard to a cause, or getting sponsored for their beard growth. It is with that in mind that I dedicate this No Shave November beard to the Looking For Whitman Project.

Grow Forth.

Grow Forth.

So now when people ask me why I haven’t shaved in forever, or make mention of my amazing feat of bearditude, I’ll regale them of the tale of the Looking For Whitman Project.

This, of course, makes total sense seeing how Whitman totally rocked the beard and is probably the beardiest poet in American history.



No Shave November, the month between Octobeard and MaBeGroMo.

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  1. Avatar of Matthew Gold

    #1 by Matthew Gold on 11.12.2009 - 10.39 pm

    Impressive work, Joe. On behalf of the Looking for Whitman project, I would like to express my gratitude for the great gift of your beard. Washes and razors for foofoos, indeed.

  2. Avatar of erinm

    #2 by erinm on 11.13.2009 - 5.03 pm


  3. #3 by Jon on 11.16.2009 - 9.27 am

    Rustic, Brother. You’re on your way to a Joseph Palmer.

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