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The most famous resurrection…

may have belonged to…Walt Whitman. In my dreams. Not kidding either. I got home Friday afternoon and yesterday after having a Guitar Hero/Band Hero marathon with my friends, I drove back to my house in freezing rain and contemplated this class. I remembered that I hadn’t done a post on the field trip to DC […] […]

Virginia’s Term Project: Whitman, Commercialism, and the Digital Age. Will Whitman Survive?

Walt Whitman Cinepoem – Uses readings from the first two pages of the 1855 Song of Myself from Leaves of Grass. Abstract: Throughout the semester, I used the FlipCams to film the sun rising over the Potomac, walking to and from school, to work, on my way back from brother’s house in Westmoreland, just life. […] […]

Where Virginia Found Whitman…

Virginia on Youtube reading Walt Whitman Where I read, and show the signs in the video, are on route 24 in Appomattox County, Virginia. Zipcode 24522. […]

Virginia for November 17

The one thing that really struck me in the reading, made me mad. MADE ME PISSED OFF!! Funny enough, it was in the first few sentences of the entire reading. “The master-songs are ended, and the man/That sang them is a name” from Higgins’ essay just enraged me. It was like someone just read over […] […]

Virginia for November 10th

Longaker’s biography of Whitman’s last months and days brought tears to my eyes. Since reading up on Whitman in the summer to prepare for this seminar, he and my step-father were always paralleling each other. They both were born in to poor, somewhat ignorant families, they each are/were selfless and generous, and they each were […] […]

Walt Whitman is omnipotent.

So yesterday, as I’m waiting at that huge four way intersection at Cowan Blvd. and Carl D. Silver Pkwy in Central Park, I’m looking all around, bored. I love watching the other drivers, too. People watching, in any capacity, is fascinating and hilarious. However, as I’m observing, I look up to see a somewhat gross, […] […]

Virginia Scott for November 3rd

Whitman in these readings makes me melancholy and anxious. His interview, the anonymous one, made me curious. I was curious because in the very first sentence, it give the address of Whitman’s brother. Despite it being anonymous, we know the date it was done, the general vicinity in which the area that Whitman was to […] […]

…”I depart as Air”…”You will hardly know who I am”…

This is wonderfully done! I think this creates a link, a bridge between Whitman and today in such a visual, and musical way. The music, the videography. I’m in love. This is probably what I’ll use as a model for my project. wonderful Video … […]

Virginia for October 27th

We do a lot of joking and poking fun at Walt’s sexuality and his lovers, yet we also realize that it has so little to do with him, HIM, who he is to us. His infatuation with Lincoln has also been the butt of many jokes in our class. It is humorous, and especially hilarious […] […]

Fredericksburg FieldTrip

Field trips have classically been (for me, anyway) painfully boring, filled with bratty kids who I didn’t like, and full of humiliation if my parents attended as chaperones. Thankfully, we’re in college so our parents won’t be attending, we don’t go to school with bratty kids (well…haha, just kidding), and now the field trips are […] […]

Virginia for October 20

I think the best quote that personifies the answer to the prompt questions this week is from Calder’s “Persona Recollections of Walt Whitman”. She mentions that when Whitman heard about a soldier from the West who had never seen an orange, he immediately brought oranges to that soldier on his next visit. I find it […] […]

Material Culture Museum Entry, Soldiers’ Home

Lincoln’s Cottage, Soldier’s Home Founding and History of Soldiers’ Home Founded by a Major General, General, and a Senator on March 3, 1851 after the suggestion of an Army Asylum in his Annual Message to the President in November of 1827 by Secretary of War James Barbour. Thus, it took almost 30 years before action was taken […] […]

Virginia S. for October 6th

Whitman’s triumphant, mostly optimistic, and hopeful tone in his earlier work evokes a sort of nostalgic happiness. Celebrating nature, mother earth, and humanity was the “name of the game” with Whitman. He wasn’t all love and happiness, he mentions horrors of life (like the slave passing through his house and how he put salve on […] […]

Virginia for September 29th

Whitman, especially in his Memoranda during the War, sounds like a poster child for the United Daughters of the Confederacy. However, and obviously, he isn’t rallying for people to “nevah fahgit tha gret wahr”, but simply to never forget the men and boys who gave their life. He seems to be terrified that if he […] […]

Virginia S. for September 22

So, I’ve worked retail for two years now. Those years have honed my skill for picking up items that are easy to sell, harder to sell, create selling points for the customer, etc. After finishing most of the readings between the 1855 and 1867 editions, I was looking back and comparing the table of contents. […] […]

Whitman…I am your stalker.

After learning about this Whitman course last spring, I made myself familiar with Whitman’s background by reading a biography. Thus, I can’t really think of a specific question–only that I wish I could have seen what Whitman saw when he was in NYC. I loooove NYC, my brother moved from our podunk town to the […] […]

Virginia for September 15th

As I was reading for this posting, I had something on my mind. In one of my other English classes, someone insinuated Whitman as just a gay old man. He said some more unsavory things towards my Whitman, and I immediately shot up my hand and said that I was in love with Whitman and […] […]

Virginia’s Image Gloss

“The Yankee clipper is under her three skysails. . . .she cuts the sparkle and scud, My eyes settle the land . . . . I bend at her prow or shout joyously from the deck.” p. 35, Song of Myself SCUD: As a noun: Main Entry: 2scud Function: noun Date: 1609 1 : the action of scudding : rush 2 […] […]

Virginia for Sept 8th

Whitman proves himself a definite advocate for nature. Not to mention, he seems to be vying for the position of bard to the United States. In almost every poem except for Song of the Open Road, he is painting such a gorgeous, descriptive picture and reminding us of the beauty we are surrounded […] […]

Virginia for September 1st

Whitman seems to strive to create a very patriotic, and almost familial, relationship with the reader in his preface from 1885. It makes the reader feel like Whitman is trying to encompass all that is American, natural, earthy, and true to the culture of 1885-America. He mentions the “blue breadth over the inland sea of […] […]

Song of Virginia

Whitman’s frontispiece is one of aloofness. A type of aura extends beyond the picture and urges the viewer to read on because of the allure Whitman exudes. His facial expression almost seems like he’s thinking “think what you want about me, because I couldn’t care less”. That type of aura spellbinds me and makes me […] […]

Hola Mundo!

They said we may feel overwhelmed, but I’m feeling pretty damn excited!! I’m going to bring my grandfather’s 1921 (?) copy of Leaves of Grass to class next Tuesday, looking forward to it and the rest of the semester! […]