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wordpress-tv provides video tutorials that will help you use the WordPress blogging platform, which powers this site. The list below represents only a few of the tutorials of the many tutorials available:

“The WordPress Dashboard – introduction” (01:58) » (5 Jan. 2009)
“How to customize the main interface (called the ‘Dashboard’) so that it works just the way you want it to.”
“Customizing your writing settings” (00:58) » (5 Jan. 2009)
“How to change various options so that the interface for writing works just the way you want it to.”

“Writing and publishing a post” (01:59) » (15 Jan. 2009)
“How to write and publish a post using WordPress.”

“Adding categories and tags to your posts” (01:56) » (14 Jan. 2009)
“How to use categories and tags to organize the content in your site and make it easier for readers to find what they’re looking for.”

“Embedding photos, videos, & audio into your posts” (01:46) » (5 Jan. 2009)
“How to insert photos, videos, audio or other media into your blog pages and posts.”

“Saving and returning to draft posts & pages” (01:09) » (14 Jan. 2009)
“How to save posts & pages without publishing them so that you may come back later to continue your work. An explanation of your various draft options.”

(list courtesy of via George H. Williams)

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