Hello! Welcome to “Describing Whitman,”  project done through the “Digital Whitman” course at Mary Washington. “Digital Whitman” is a project where students attempt to find Whitman in a modern context, particularly through technology and through connecting with students in other campuses. “Describing Whitman” attempts to combine the various aims and facets of this course by tracking Whitman’s modern global reception through web-based responses and by connecting countries via those responses. More specifically, I’m hoping to track the paths of enthusiasm for Whitman, and whether it is affected by his political ideologies or the aesthetics of his poetry.

In order to do this, however, I need your help. I’m hoping to gather responses and analyze them based on your answers to the questions on this survey (also located on the links to the left).  I’m hoping soon to get a map up so that you can track your responses as well as those of others. I’ll also be tracking my progress on my Digital Whitman blog, which feeds directly into the website. If you have any questions or you’d like to give further responses, please email me at medwards@mail.umw.edu

For more about this project, go here.

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