fabfab on Dec 17th 2009

These are some of the Land Conveyances I found for the house. I searched through a box full of land conveyances for the Block number 1892, I will admit I might have overlooked a few, since these are not in order by an address number but simply a block number. The way i knew these were for 99 Ryerson st was because the house is 380 feet from Myrtle ave, on each land conveyances there is a map which is not to scale but does indicate how many feet the house they are referring to is from the corner. I found 13 different conveyances for the house, each stating who was selling the house and who was buying the house. I found Louisa Whitman Walt’s mother had purchased the house on May of 1855. On each conveyance below i have zoomed in on the map which shows the house is 380 feet from the corner, in the case where there were multiple conveyances for one year i simply zoomed in on the date.


1855 May ; Louisa Whitman buys the house.


1855 Nov; Louisa Whitman sells the house.

You can see here now she is a widow; this is because Walter H. Whitman died at this house.

1859 copy


1862 copy


1866 copy


1866sept copy

1866 september

1870 copy

1870 July

1870sept copy

1870 September

1870nov copy

1870 November

1874 copy

1874 May

1874oct copy

1874 October

1875 copy

1875 July

1876 copy

1876 Jan

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