Posted by: Erin Longbottom | 15th Sep, 2009

Build it and Whitman Will Come?

So over the weekend my family ended up coming up here to stay for a few days. My dad knows I’m involved in this Whitman project, so he couldn’t wait to tell me that he had seen a show on PBS last week where a man was inspired by a Walt Whitman poem about baseball to build a giant baseball diamond in his backyard. Unfortunately he failed to remember what the show was called, or which poem it was, so I have been searching in vain to find the show.

I think it is possibly this program¬†here¬† (I am encouraged by the Whitman quote on the top of the page) but none of the episode descriptions mention a man building a field a la “Field of Dreams.” If I ever manage to find a clip of it I will post it here, but I thought I’d throw this out there in case anyone knew anything about it.

One thing I did find out through my searches: there are lots of little league teams named after Whitman.


Is this the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams?

No, it’s like a real life version of the movie though ha ha…I guess this guy read a Whitman poem about baseball, and was inspired to build a field in his backyard. He has a charity event on it every year to raise money for cystic fibrosis I think? Like I said, I haven’t actually seen it or been able to find any information on it, my dad just told me about it.

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