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This poem reminded me so much of my grandfather. I thought of him as a read that the man was in the Navy. My grandfather was in the Navy and has passed away. I sadly was not as close to my grandfather as I would have liked to have been. In this poem it seems to me that Jenny is close with her grandfather, I see this by her having him live with her. I saw so much in this poem that I will try to keep it to the point. We see relationships, connections, family, and love Reminiscing and telling of the end of someone’s life Longevity, commitment, closeness Someone needing or wanting to be around water, serenity, openness, beauty Shows that he was used to doing the same thing day after day Comfort, cozy, resting, welcoming feeling Ritual, customary, happy Loved the life of the navy, loves watching the ships, the thought of his youth The struggling of the brig could represent all of the struggles of his own life His last words for the ship and for himself of his life ending that he is now free
Trees, rocks and cliffs are solid things that Whitman is relating life to-meaning something has awakened it for example “Thrilled with it’s soul By “Product if natures and them mentioning the sun, stars and earth I feel like this poem is talking about evolution what can come from nothingness which clue me because of “Direct a towering human form” Meaning the new human brought out into the world not thinking but born to fight Ironic in the sense that the human is born to fight but only half because it could go the other way Phantom means ghostly or spirited almost like this human has arisen from the dead through nature-described by his lips Ossian is the narrator, and supposed author, of a cycle of poems which the Scottish poet James Macpherson claimed to have translated from ancient sources in the Scots Gaelic. He is based on Oisín, son of Finn or Fionn mac Cumhaill, a character from Irish mythology. The furor over the authenticity of the poems continued into the 20th century. My Interpretation: I feel like this poem is about an illusion of Whitman’s. Visualizing seeing someone rise from the dead. Whitman did a lot of free verse writing about death, sexuality and deism (meaning more than one faith) or a different faith. Almost like the person that he is seeing from the dead was a slave. He wrote a lot about that as well. Meaning something that was so beautiful by nature was brought up to fight meaning fight for their lives to live. If you look up “Red Jacket” it is actually the name of a man who was the leader of a wolf gang he was also a chief who claimed to kill Americans. Or my second thought would be that this poem is describing the jacket as an entrance to either heaven or hell